Transcriptions of eavesdropping and telephone wire tapping

We transcribe interceptions of any entity and difficulty.
We have over twenty years’ experience in the business and we specialize in transcriptions of wiretaps, eavesdropping from any audio and video sources, of any format.
We specialize in translation from Italian dialects, especially from the Calabrian.
We are dedicate to our work, in this way we are able to isolate and transcribe, even in difficult situations and with many speakers, the content of the incercepted subjects' conversations.

The transcription is made faithfully and reporting the contents of the conversation.

At the end of the transcription, we proceed to listen again the total recording, in order to minimize the risk of errors or oversights.

Recording and transcription of criminal hearings and board meetings

We record and transcribe daily criminal hearings and sessions of municipal council.
The transcription is made immediately after their registration, in order to guarantee quality, speed and punctuality.
The works are stored in our server so we can ensure efficient services even after many years.

Transcribing audio

We provide transcription services for any kind of audio. We have twenty years’ experience regard conferences, seminars, meetings, discussions and interviews translation and transcribing.

Tiping and formatting text

We can digitize and lay out any type of material and bring it back in a graphical form respecting the demands of each customer.